Check out Leisure Getaways Incorporated reviews here: Leisure Getaways Incorporated Reviews

It is the Mission of Leisure Getaways Incorporated to provide vacation owners with the most innovative products and an enhanced knowledge that shall enable them to maximize their enjoyment and elevate their expectations. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff is;and will always be, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of being the best, and shall remain steadfast in our desire to improve the vacation ownership industry one client at a time.

Check out Leisure Getaways Incorporated reviews here: Leisure Getaways Incorporated Reviews


In the beginning it appeared that nobody wanted to make things right with the issues my husband and I encountered getting our transfer accomplished. But, Carl Pabst did come through in a timely manner once he got involved, and Justin Chaney offered to help and did more than his part to smooth things out. We are looking forward to using our points and having an enjoyable relationship with LGI.


Diamond Resorts was a nightmare. They only wanted to sell us more points and never had places available and would not buy back our time resort. Yearly maintenance costs rose to almost $2,000! Leisure Getaways helped us sell our Diamond properties (although it took 6 months) and become RCI members with much lower maintenance fees. Hats off to Ashley, Stephanie Reynolds, and Ben Rose for getting us through the process!


LGI walked everything through the transfer process for us with Carl Pabst's guidance so we are rid of the "2 in-perpetuity deeds" we had before. Now we have the option to use the LGI services for as long as we choose or end our LGI relationship when we choose as well. That means everything to us.


I was going to drive to my destination and get a motel when we arrived but decided to book in advance. Amanda found me a hotel, equally nice, only 15 miles away, for $46 less a night with same amenities!! Good job Amanda.


We transferred our timeshare ownership to RCI in November 2014, but had difficulty with the final transfer. After a several months, Stacey with Leisure Getaways became our contact person. She responded in a timely manner to our emails and calls. and was able to get the transfer finalized. She was professional and a pleasure to work with.


We purchased with Lesiure Getaways a year ago, and our purchase included our trading in the timeshares we had currently owned. I made many phone calls to Lesiure Getaways and left numerous messages asking for updates on the status of the properties they were meant to be trying to sell. Apparently the people who's extension I was sent to had not yet been trained in how to retrieve and respond to voice mail. When I stopped by the office one day I was lucky enough to meet Rachel and discussed my experiences with her. She promised that my experience would change, and it did. I started to receive regular updates and she was gracious enough to guide me through each step of the resale process. Thanks Rachel for EVERYTHING. Your response was the kind that I felt I should have been receiving all the time.


I haven't used it yet but they are eager to be helpful


Amanda in reservations has been very helpful with our reservation. We looking forward to staying at this resort.


I initially experienced issues with the transfer of my old timeshare to this new one. There were some unknown charges assessed, but after Justin Chaney (Leisure Getaways Inc.) Contacted me, he was able to sort the whole issue out and was very helpful and accommodating. I commend his customer service completely. Thanks you Justin. Mike


I purchased into this program with LGI and RCi four months ago. Have had great assistance from Amanda through LGI to arrange hotel rooms in England for my upcoming visit in Oct. and she found different accommodations when I was not happy with the single bed situation offered. RCI has not been efficient or accommodating in getting that portion of the plan established. Still waiting for membership card so can schedule Timeshare vacations as promised.


I was help on rental car and was surprise how fast and the good service I received Thanks to Mark Woods and Amanda


Great customer service a true pleasure to work with!!! I look forward to planning my vacations


Everything was as the representative's said. The customer service has been very refreshing! They will follow up and return your calls. Thank you LGI!


Amanda was very helpful. I have not been with this company for very long and was not well informed on the workings of RCI. She helped a lot and I feel free to call on her again.


I am disappointed with the sales persons They did not explain more about the program right now I would like to go back to Wyndham~!!!! The person I talked to on phone was friendly helped me get my book a resort for a reunion. Put up with my gripping. and was positive.


I traded in my old timeshare that I could never get out of for Rci Platinum points. I was nervous about whether the company was gonna scam me like other companies have in the past. Not only have they truly got me out of my old timeshares I couldn't afford, they helped me get a product that actually works and that I can afford. Their customer service has been outstanding and Rci Platinum points is second to none. Its way lower maintenance fees, you actually get where you want and get vacations is prime season for 10,000 points a week. The best part is after I'm done using it my kids won't be burdened with it because we can opt out of the program at any time. It took only four months for them to transfer my Wyndham and Bluegreen properties out of my name so I could start saving money. Very thankful and relieved!


We are in process of switching 2 timeshares to RCI through LGI. The process has been longer and more complicated than we were led to believe. However, our timeshare properties have been cooperative but inefficient and not very good on doing what they said they would do. That brings me to Doug and Chelsae at LGI. Both of these individuals have been very helpful and timely in their duties. Chelsae actually contacted one of our properties and called back to let me know the result as requested. Very refreshing! This process is not yet complete, but I will repost to report on the conclusion.


We decided not to enter the transaction we agreed to. Justin at home office could not have been nicer in understanding and completing the cancellation. This is an honest and trustworthy company.


Had some difficulties after the initial off site meeting concerning the number of points vs the properties we were transferring to LGI. Ben Rose was a tremendous help in trying the resolve our problems and helped us cancel the original contract when we found out our maintenance fees would be much higher than we were originally paying. Throughout the process Ben was excellent in returning our calls and text messages which made us fell more comfortable in arriving at a positive conclusion.


Upon purchasing this timeshare, we had a few problems, but were able to get ahold of a person who took charge and got it all taken care of. The property is great, the people are helpful and friendly, and we are very pleased with our purchase.


Your understanding and support was greatly appreciated. You kept me in the loop with your updates so I knew what was happening. Rhonda knew her job and who to contact. She seemed to be on top of it every step of the way. She lowered my stress level which had been bad for my health. Thanks for being patient with me and getting the job done.


I had questions about a subject from 3 months back and called Troy Bowermaster.. I had dealt with Troy before and was always satisfied with his assistance. He again was most attentive and professional in helping me with my issue.


I would like to Thank Rhonda with Leisure Getaways for getting the job done on my Grand Desert Resort. She did a great job in explaining how my new ownership works with Leisure Getaways.


I am trying to get rid of my timeshare I've been paying for the past 10 years .. I have no idea who to go to or how to go about it . I simply can't afford it anymore and I don't use it as often as I would like to because I don't get to always use it when I would like to .. is there anyways you are able to help or refer me ?


Ben is an outstanding person! He is a good listener and handles real issues. You don't get moved around among other reps or up and down the corprate ladder. He dealt with our concerns and made us feel that LGI is a company with integrity. We are thankful that LGI hires people like Ben--it is a very positive statement about the company.


We signed on if we they would buy our Time Share. Must say that Carl in Customer Service was outstanding to work with in closing the loop. It was a pain getting the other timeshare company to comply. Whenever I called Customer Service, Carl either answered, or called me back that day. This is a new experience for a membership company AFTER they had my money. So I have to believe that booking a timeshare from here on out will be smooth sailing


Justin was wonderful to work with. He was the best part of this process. He allowed us the time to do our investigation and to ease our concerns before fully committing to our transfer.


We are new to Leisure Getaways, having purchased in late August. Carl Pabst has been a tremendous help in getting our timeshares (5 of them) transferred. Although we are not quite there, we feel confident that Carl can help us through the process. He gets our gold star for customer service!


My husband & I attended a presentation meeting in Wake Forest,NC a little over a month ago. The representation that explained LGI/RCI to us was EXCELLENT. Tito Woloham was very thorough and patient with regards to all our questions. Even tho, we liked what was explained and the benefits that was offered - it was the way Tito presented it to us that really closed the deal. He presented himself as trustworthy and one that could be counted on if any problem arose. My husband and I also want to thank Justin Chaney for the prompt attention he gave us with a problem that we encountered. He cleared the matter up and immediately responded back to us. Your company is very lucky to have these two men on your staff. With personnel like Justin and Tito, your customers will be satisfied and happy.


We are new to Leisure Getaways. We were told to call Cheryl for reservations. She got right on our location requests and responded back very quickly. We look forward to working with Cheryl in the near future, and are confident that she will do a great job.


I purchased in March. My conversion to RCI is not completed. I used the car rental service and it was great. I wish the attractions benefit applied to more then it does however. I live in Missouri and tickets to Silver Dollar City would be a great idea.


Cheryl was of great assistance in booking hotels for an upcoming road trip. She got better rates than we were able to find on our own, and took care of making all of the reservations, after making certain the she was clear on exactly what we wanted. The only minor negative, which is not worth dragging down my rating, is that I was able to find a much better car rental price than she could get.


We are just starting with Leisure Getaways and Cheryl was very helpful in finding a condo for our family even though we have no points to date.


No vacation as yet. Would like to commend Cheryl Richards on her excellent patience and service.


Carl Pabst was very helpful when I needed answers.


Cheryl was, and is always happy to help me with any concerns that we have. She promptly found the information I needed and called me back.


Cheryl was a great help on finding me a place in Branson Mo. We are taking my Grandaughter and Niece the end of the month. Thank You


I just bought into LGI a couple of weeks ago. My sales rep referred me to Cheryl for help with booking a hotel room. At first I was somewhat skeptical that customer service would be able to help, expecting that the sales rep had over promised. I told Cheryl where I would like to stay and she found a great location at a great price for me and my family. The monetary exchange for booking the room is not convenient and needs some attention by LGI, but I'm very happy with everything else. Thanks!


On May 22, 2014, we attended a Marketing meeting in Oklahoma City. We under- stood the price paid for our purchase was based on a value that our marketing rep obtained from an undesignated source. I thought we had additional points than those; however closed the deal on the basis that what we had was the 15,000 points offered. As follow-up proceeded with Processing Department, it was determined that we did indeed own two deeds at the same location and our point total at time share was over 33% more than the points considered for our purchase. I attempted to contact Marketing Reps and did receive one call from our account rep; and she requested her supervisor to call, and he did. I asked what adjustments to our completed offer were possible and he offered to pay the extra fee for the processing of the second deed. I explained that I would sooner he checked with his supervisors and see what offers were possible. He agreed to do so and call next day. I still await his call and would like an answer to what my offer might have been had the 33% additional points were used versus the points you assumed we had, based on your research. . The reason we have promptly completed all remaining requirements is due solely to the professional, timely, courteous, accurate service provided by the Processing Department, Doug and his supervisor, Justin. I am assuming that future contacts will be primarily of an administration nature and hopefully as enjoyable and professional as your Processing Department.


We are new members and was trying to book a short vacation. We worked with Cheryl Richards and she was Great!! She got us into a condo for a short vacation and walked us through it with no problems. She is great to work with will call her next time we want to book something. Thanks Cheryl for all your work!!!


I found working Leisure Getaways a total pleasure. Brett was most helpful about how to access RCI travel information. When I learned that the RCI program did not find my style of travel he refunded my money as he had promised.


I want to say thank you to Cheryl and Justin for such timely and outstanding customer service support. With their assistance, we were able to schedule the exact trip that we wanted for a fraction of the cost we would've paid elsewhere. We will definitely keep you 2 in mind for our future booking(s). Kindest regards!


We dealt with Mike McReynolds (Sales Person) from TN... AND Candee Barta (Customer Service Rep) from the Corporate Office. We were VERY impressed with how helpful Candee was and also how patient Mike was... while waiting on our decision.


Cheryl assisted me with planning my upcoming family vacation. I could not have asked for a better experience. She was quick to reaping to any questions that I had and did so promptly. At times I wondered if she was waiting on the other end to receive my calls and emails. She was just that quick. Cheryl was such a pleasure to work with. She is definitely an asset to the company. A truly sincere lady.


We are experiencing a delay in our conversion process to RCI which is causing an expense. We need to travel next month. We explained our situation to Justin; he in turn referred us to Cheryl. Together, they have gotten our travel needs taken care of, and we are grateful. Cheryl is especially a delight to work with. She is professional, compassionate, and works with a sense of urgency. She provided our options to us and explained the pro's and con's of each. From that, we were able to make informed decisions for what we wanted to do. We look forward to working with them.