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Back in 2003 three entrepreneurs joined together in a partnership and started in the furniture business. We took our long years of experience in sales, marketing, operations and project management and built an outstanding company: Biscayne Furniture. As we successfully completed our first projects we realized that there was a strong need in the market for excellent project management, design consulting, service, on-time delivery, high quality and all at competitive prices. Therefore, we felt the name Biscayne Furniture do not truly encompass our service and commitment to the client. We changed our name to Biscayne Hospitality.
To serve our clients and meet their high expectations we put together an outstanding team and a powerful organization. Our factories have the capability to manufacture almost any type of custom furniture to meet the specific needs of our clients, our business processes are geared towards deeply understanding our clients needs and on clearly defining their objectives, and our project management process ensures close collaboration and communication with our clients and on seemless end-to-end delivery of the products and services accurately and on time.
We are continuously working to improve our capabilities to meet your needs. We carefully listen to our clients inputs and feedback and we incorporate those inputs into our process improvement efforts. We are expanding our supply base in order to increase our production capacity and broaden our product capabilities. We are locating our project managers close to our clients in order to better serve them. We are committed to constantly increasing our skills and expertise in order to better meet your needs.
We are confident that we can provide you with excellent products and outstanding services and we are confident that we can be a valuable long-term partner to grow your business. We hope we will have the opportunity to work with you soon