TrackResults offers a Cloud-based analytical engine that, when applied to your sales & marketing data, immediately produces actionable reports regarding performance improvements you need to take action on. The TrackResults analytics solution comes with all the KPI you ll ever need, available at your finger tips in seconds, not days.

♦ Secure web-based analytics for your Sale Centers and marketers, proven effective by more than 20,000 vacation industry professionals.

♦ Web-based Manifesting displays instant real-time results on your secure, private web-page.

♦ Generate in depth reporting that focus on how to increase VPG on tours while reducing costs.

♦ No installation, equipment or IT department required.

TrackResults is designed and managed by a team with more than 50 years of resort industry experience to be easy to use, fool-proof and completely intuitive. TRS makes your sales and marketing data simple to analyze at a glance. The On-demand 24/7 real-time analytics of your sales and marketing offers total control via 12 Roles from OPC to Executive to provide permission level filtering. It also redeploys key staff from mundane email, telephone & fax reporting tasks so they focus on strategic projects that impact your bottom line.