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Grant Wolf & Associates was founded in 1985, by Peter Grant and Richard Wolf. The company provides consulting services to the resort timesharing industry, with an emphasis on homeowner associations.

Over the past 25 years, Grant Wolf & Associates has become expert in most facets of the timeshare industry. Grant Wolf's depth of experience includes acquisition, finance, legal and regulatory, project use rights, product design, construction/renovation management, marketing and sales, brokerage, loan servicing and collections, owner services, HOA communications, resort management and board directorship.

Grant Wolf's primary efforts focus on the extensive and growing challenges faced by the industry's HOAs. Challenges that include aging owner bases, declining capital assets, increasing default rates, accelerated inventory returns, anemic resale results and more.

Grant Wolf has provided services to more than 300 industry clients and acted as General Partner in the development and operation of numerous timeshare resorts.

Grant Wolf's experienced staff averages more than 16 years of employment with the company. Grant Wolf is a multi Gold ARDY recipient.